Full Service Car Repairs in Joliet, IL Get expert full-service car care from the qualified technicians at Paul & Mike's Transmissions. As a complete automotive repair shop, we provide high quality service for a variety of repairs. We use the latest technology and computerized equipment to quickly and accurately diagnose your car troubles and get you back on the road. Listed below, are a few services we provide.

Brake Repairs

Replace brakes, pads, rotors, drums & calipers Clean & adjust brakes Replace brake light... View Detail

Clutch Repairs

Renew/Replace clutch assembly Resurface/Replace flywheel View Detail

Engine Repairs

Renew intake manifold gaskets & valve cover gaskets Replace engine oil pan & gasket... View Detail

Electrical Problems

Replace batteries, alternators & sensors Check timing/overheating issues Repair/Replace cruise control Repair windshield wiper... View Detail

Mechanical Problems

Repair/Replace shifter assembly Repair/Replace catalytic converter View Detail